Free 50 Seo Tools You Can Use For Free From

Free 50 Seo Tools You Can Use For Free From

Free Seo Tools You Can Use For Free From



Hey !

welcome to a blog or a website never can grow without a good SEO, if you promote your site / blog then it will grow till the time when you have the money,


after that it will not get even a single hits, well we are proud to announce that from now you can access over free 50 SEO tools from yes of-course it will be free always,

without wasting your valuable time lets start it !


Free Seo Tools You Can Use For Free From


#1 : Article Rewriter:


If people feel lazy and won’t want to write quality article, mostly blogger use this type of tool (But MyDreamBlog Won’t Recommend),


you can simple copy any article from anywhere (preferred in English) and paste here it will change its language and will produce new one, its great one feature,


#2 : Plagiarism Checker:


To check copy of any article just paste it here and check, it will show is it copied or unique one,


#3 : Backlink Maker:


creating back link not hard enough for now,

But of-course its matter when its topic about HQ back link,

to create 0 spam HQ back link just make from here, For free always !



#4 : Meta Tag Generator:


Creating a meta tag helps search engine to understand what’s the topic of your site,

with this tool you can create a best META TAG for your sites,


#5 : Meta Tag Analyzer:


How much effective is your meta tag can analyze from here,


#6 : Keyword Postion Checker:


To check a keyword position just search it here.


Free 50 Seo Tools You Can Use For Free From


#7 : Robots.Txt Generator:


Robts.TXT that can help google plagiarism to understand your blog or websites page which one to index and which one not to index,

with the help of this free tools you can easily create one for free,


#8 : XML Sitemap Generator:


XML sitemap is one of the function that help blogs or website page posts to rank easily,

with this tool you can create such XML file,


#9 : Backlink Checker:


A site back link help blogs or website to get higher ranking in very less times,

here you can get HQ back link for free,


#10 : Alexa Rank Checker:


Alexa ranking is one of the famous tool to check your site or blogs rank,

you can check the same from here,


#11 : Word Counter:


word counter is one of the tool you can check your a file total word file count,


#12 : Online Ping Website Tool:


blog post ping is the SEO function that help posts to index post faster than its required time actual it need,

you just need to submit your post link here and submit you are DONE!


Free 50 Seo Tools You Can Use For Free From


#13 : Link Analyzer:


To analyze a link its the tool that’s just awesome one function,


#14 : MY Ip Address:


While you use VPN its the best one tool to check your IP for free,


#15 : Keyword Density Checker:


just insert any domain url its will show you the keyword that helping the site to ranking,

is it not coll HUH !


#16 : Google Malware Checker:


privacy which i always recommend user to to developer trust if you follow our another hindi blog then you must know about this,

lets check a site is it spam one ?


#17 : Domain Age Checker:


Found a domain that cool lets check a site which how much year old ?


#18 : Whois Checker:


one of my favorite tool. check whois for free from here,


#19 : Domain into Ip:


reverse domain ip type its help to know the hosted domain ip address,


#20 : D-Moz List Checker:


its simple show D-MOZ list which can be check from here for free,


#21 : URL Rewriting Tools:


URL structure can be freely modify from here,


#22 : WWW Redirect Checker:


just like http:// or https:// there also WWW also include which maximum we won’t enter,

lets check which one you use,


Free 50 Seo Tools You Can Use For Free From


#23 : MOZ Rank Checker:


Under Maintain,


#24 :  URL Encoder Decoder:


do you know ? every url get structured with some special code that we can’t understand but yes this tool can decode that and show you, lets have a look,


#25 : SERVER Status Checker:


do you know a slow server can down your site, lets check any domain server status for free from here,


#26 : Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator:


To check any webpage how it looks in different resolutions , just paste any url her any see the magic without any extra devices,


#27 : Page Size Checker:


to check a page size just put any domain name here, it help to reduce a webpage size, with this tool you can speed up your site after check this,


#28 : Reverse Domain IP Checker:


its great idea to check domain reverse ip in simpleway,


#29 : Blacklist Look Up:


check blacklisted ip in one click, from here for free,


#30 : AVG Antivirus Checker:


with this tool you can check is the site safe to visit,


#31 : Link Price Calculator:


are you selling your site, get the estimated value of its cost,


Free 50 Seo Tools You Can Use For Free From


#32 : Website Screenshot generator:


under Maintain


#33 : Domain Hosting Checker:


check any website hosting in just one click for free,


#34 : Get Source Code Of Webpage:


for developer any source code finding is very easy but not for newbie one,

lets find source code in one click only,


#35 : Google Index Checker:


check page indexing in search engine with this tools.


#36 : Website Links Count Checker:


check a site how much interna and external link available,


#37 : Class IP Checker:


to check class ip its a great tool to use,


#38 : Online md5 Generator:


algorithmlatest version is md5 thats can create from here,


#39 : Page Speed Checker:


to increase DA & PA page speed is valuable mostly, lets check it from here,


#40 : Code To Text Ratio Checker:


#41 : Find DNS Record:


find any site DNS record from here,


#42 : What Is MY Browser:


check is your browser genuine or crack from here,


Free 50 Seo Tools You Can Use For Free From


#43 : E-mail Privacy:


check any domain how much email available,


#44 : Google Cache Checker:


to check a site cache in google just click here,


#45 : Broken Links Checker:


do you have changed your site theme or updated something, lets check is there something link broken from here, 


#46 : Search Engine Spider Simulator:


Under maintain, 


#47 : Keyword Suggestion Tool:


just put a keyword it will suggest you top 10 keyword for free,


#48 :  Domain Authority Checker:


lets check DA free from here, 


#49 : Page AUthority Checker:


Lets Pa check from here free, 


#50 : PageSpeed Insights Checker:


Page speed insights in different style, just try it HUH !


Free 50 Seo Tools You Can Use For Free From

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