How To Earn From Blogging Top Ideas For 2020

How To Earn From Blogging Top Ideas For 2020

How To Earn From Blogging Top Ideas For 2020

Hello friends,

welcome to if you are new in blogging sometime you have may be queried how bloggers earn ?


And most of people think they can earn through advertising, But its not true ,

may be you know some of below, if not lets read and comment your opinion,


I have searched enough in many blogs they have mostly write same with different type,

if you read below these 10 ways how to earn from blog ? will blow your mind,

Without wastage your timing lets start it guys !



How To Earn From Blogging Top Ideas For 2020 In Hindi ?


#1 : With Monititizations :


People of-course me also trust initially people start earning though advertisement.

but do you know if your website has traffic in lakhs than you will be able to make a passive income from it,


and if not than i would not suggest to use adsense or any other visible ads,

i am suggesting to use affiliations if you are not aware of affiliate marketing, than learn it or else use our below others ideas,


# 2 : With Memberships :


If you are not a content re creator than trust you will earn money enough to living,

for this you will need content or articles which are unique,


people love articles that’s are of-cource unique 100%,

my experiment in 2014 has proven that,


Its true people love to read article new one than regenerated one,

so if you have the ability to create something unique,


just make a paid membership systems,

than you will be able to get passive income from it.


How To Earn From Blogging Top Ideas For 2020


# 3 : By Sponsoring Posts :


You know you can earn from and indian rupees 20000/- from a post ?

How ? its called sponsored articles / posts,


in this blog when i started i got paid 150/- for sponsoring a article,

which was just a start up, and that time blog was just 2 months old,


Anyways if you work hard and get a high ranking, sponsored / advertiser will automatically come to you,

if after high ranking still you are not able to get sponsored posts,


than you need to research about your topic and contact similar advertisers,

in future we will learn about it,


# 4 : By Selling Own Goods :


Lets Start sell your own products like E-books / Digital Goods / Physical Goods over your site,

to do so you can obtain our idea number #5 or just start revie of your own goods,


if you also don’t have own goods lets write e-books or start a affiliate store,


# 5 : With A Own Store :


As told before if you don’t have any idea to sell anything then just create a afiliate web store,

very soon, we will bring a article how to start a blog with web store system free,


we will also provide website service at very cheap price from here :

if you like to visit our affiliate store visit:


How To Earn From Blogging Top Ideas For 2020


# 6 : With Affiliate Store :


A affiliate store can help you to earn more than a adsense account if you run only one blog,

with wordpress & woo-commerce plugins you can create a affiliate store very easily,


for your better results create as much as backlink you can,

very soon we will share how to create a affiliate wordpress site for manual product upload or automatic product upload,


Like we have store:


# 7 : By A Donations Systems :


A donations systems ? what a stupid idea !

NO way ! Its Not Bad Idea ! But Why Not Bad Idea ?


Look if you are using wordpress may be you have seen some plugins which are free and its authors ask for donation by its a inbuilt systems,

you can also make a system in yours blog and ask user to donate for you,

trust PEXEL free stock photo providers photographers earn huge by its donations systems,


How To Earn From Blogging Top Ideas For 2020


# 8 : Paid Post :


Paid posts i am talking about paid article which you have write,

not paid guest posts GOT IT !


i have already told you about paid membership systems,

with that feature you can make more another  functions easily with plugins,

this will help you to earn extra with same features,


# 9 : Paid Reviews :


Its just like paid post guest posts, But in guest posts function advertiser sent you full article But in this case you have to do everything like image shooting,


some features details etc will have to write by yourself,


# 10 : With A Partnerships :


With a partnership you can rank a blog in a minimum times spend,

this will also help you to get faster ranking,


How ?


Look you know about cooking, Your partner know about travelling,

than yours both time spend alive your blog,

people and google algorithm can determine this and easily boost your traffic ,


Guys If You Have Any Questions  Regarding Today Topic How To Earn From Blogging Top Ideas For 2020 then kindly comment below, we will get back to you,

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