How To Get AdSense Approval In First Apply 2020

How To Get AdSense Approval In First Apply 2020

How To Get AdSense Approval In First Apply 

Hello Guys,

Today in this article i will share with you ,

How to get adsense approval in first apply,

I have got ADSENSE approval in just 12 article, I will share with you these trciks and tips today here, 

How To Get AdSense Approval In First Apply 

Guys ! if you have already pr-approved adsense account then  within 48 hour you can get adsense approval in your blog / website.

Then if you have new adsense account then  8-10 days will be sufficient for adsense approval,


There is a chance of  ०  percent for rejection

If by-chance still you got rejection then Click Here &Join our whatsapp group ,


Yes then ask your question to us,

In today this article I know,


There will be thousand SEO Experts who will start to hack this blog for telling the trick cause they will loss money who take for this silly things,


I assure you if you follow below each steps read these carefully then there will be no question or rejection by adsense,

Without wasting your valuable time Lets start :-  ADSENSE APPROVAL TRICK 2020 ,


# 1 – Content Guide :



Not only google even each and every AD platform want these site where they can show advertisement that will make sense, 

But each new blogger there do a mistake, they start thinking about Money,


They also forget it That “Content Is King”,

You need to follow some steps before apply of adsense for approval.


# Write Minimum 10 Article :


Not only google me also won’t allow people for guest post, if they won’t update site frequently, Even i will be not promote my posts article in such sites,

In this case there also no changes & Yes adsense also follow this terms,


No sense quality and bad quality article also the reason of adsense failure.

So before everything keep the content at your best. I will also tell you the theme trick next after this.


with these trick you can get adsense approval within just 10-12 article. 



# Think & Write ABout what You know :


I know about blogging so i write about blogging.

My freinds know about travel & network marketing so they share about there knowledge, 

Write about only what you know only, otherwise within few days you will be out of content,


# Internal Linking Must :


SEO And backlink with internal linking is also very important, with internal linking google algorithm can understand post details and can boost traffic,


# Outbound Linking Must :


Currently in rank math wordpress plugin show you that a outbound link is important for seo of 100 percent. 


For this you should use another site as outbound link as an example. Keep in mind you wont give backlink in a spam site.


# Say Good Bye To Illegal Content :


Attack, Poirnography , spam these type of content is strictly prohibited, You musrt be care about these things, never use such word and don’t write anything about these topic initially. 


# Do Not Choose High CPC Keyword :


I know many blogger just for high CPC they start writing an then end up with failed adsense account.

SO initially do not start with high CPC keyword, after approval you can go for it.


# Don’t Copy  :


Copy thats wont matter whatever is it, you must need to check your written article atleast once after writing,. for this you should use,

You are Reading Today : How To Get AdSense Approval In First Apply In 


#2 – Guide For Image

# Try To Create Image By Self :


Image mostly people like to read article that are fill with images, with more image bounce rate also get decrease, 

Try to use more image in aarticle for this you can use free software TOO.


# Use Royaltee Free Image :


If you can’t make image try to use royaltee free image, Not try you must need to use royaltee free image, 


#No CopyRight Images :


#3 – Language

#Write In Your Own Language :


#Write The Speech Perfectly :


# 4 – Design Of Theme


A Adsense freindly theme that’s would be just like below.


My Favourite Top 10 Chrome Extensions For Blogging SEO In Hindi


Yes ! You have see above the right design that have ads in sidebar, still we have got the adsense approval. 

If someone asked what is adsense freindly design ? 


Then  you should ask them to see above design (Ignore that wordpress admin bar). Now note what we have kept in mind. 


#Use Responsive Theme  :


There is a secret that after our blog theme is responsive still after that we use AMP.

The reason is google randomly may be use a site responsive  for ADSENSE  verify.

Then its won’t matter if it free theme or not, just go for a reposnive theme, 


What Is a reposnive theme ?


a Theme that look good in mobile and also different in computers / tablets in a simple way its called responsive. 


#Keep The Structure Perfect :


In the image that i have shown you above is a perfectly structured blog for adsense verify.You should develop blog same as above blog image same to same. It will help to you get approval fast. 


# Do Not Keep Blank :


Sometime in adsense reject application with text “Templated Page” issue, That’s the main reason of blank page or portion, A valid page not active also the reason vehind that issue, 


# Use Breadcrumbs :


To navigate a user Breadcrumbs are mportant while you apply for adsense, make sure to use this function.If you are using blogger than if doing so not easy then you can leave this function. 


# Menu :


Make The Menu Structure Perfectly, If in menu you don’t have any content We Strictly Recommend To remove The Menu From Site Or HomePage While Applying For adsense, 


Keep A Note in below i have recommend some page that should also show in footer menu it will help for faster positive response by adsense.


# Create Help / Complaint Email :


Me / You mostly people visit a site where have a support system would like and yes love to visit theses site and feel safe our self  TOO. You need to create two E-mail id & yes that’s not matter if it custom one like : you can create free gmail or yahoo id TOO.

Where you need to use these two email for one help other for complaint, 



# Do Not Keep Any Spam Links :


Never Use spam any link between any posts page and even in home page too, 

You are reading today : How To Get AdSense Approval In First Apply 


# 5 – Important Page


Not only ADSENSE people also love to read and want see some page that are related of blog / site, So make sure for adsense approval you create below few page must be.


# Terms & Conditions  :


Terms and conditions page is very important for a blog but mostly blogger create below page only, For faster adsense approve you can create a same page for example :  Click Here


# About Us :



What Kind Of Blog is yours Also if you created a personal blog then you must create a page as below url EXAMPLE : 



# Contact Us :


To connect with you its important for creation of email id if possible then create a contact us page, not mendatory to use contact us form you create simple page and put these email id in that page, example url :


# Disclaimer  :


Create A Disclaimer Page Also It will look a like :


# Privacy Policy  :


Make a page with name privacy policy which url will be like :

(Kindy Note  : above mentioned url will look like these But content will need to filled, As we are doing some maintainance and updating our terms, to create these page you can search in google there are lot of free tool for these page creation for free)


#6 Other Ad Network :


As per adsense terms you can use other ad networks with adsense, But over want is alway end up with nothing. So while applying for adsense remove other advertisement networks,


#7 – Blog Traffic :


Work legally,Try to gain organic traffic, Not matter if its from referal social media but avoid paid trafic for blog traffic, while applying for adsense. with paid traffic there will be spam nothing than this, 

You Are Reading Today : How To Get AdSense Approval In First Apply


#8 Domain Choose :



Now Coming the point of choicing domain name.

Look you bought a domain topic related travel and writing about foods that’s ok, But if you start writing also hardwar engineering that’s too much. so choice domain that related to your topic

# 9 -Age Of Domain :


Adsense rule is if a domain is 6 moth old than its eligible for ADSENSE. But its not right, because this blog adsense got approved within 10 days after book.

You are reading today: How To Get AdSense Approval In First Apply In 


# 10 – Say No To Free :


We all like and ye  love free, But there its boundaries is limited. फ्री सबको पसंद है, इहा तक की मुझे वि फ्री खूब आछ्या लगता है, लेकिन लिमिटेड है उसके एरिया, 

You make sure never to go for free host / domain, for learn can go for these, But with adsense it will be so difficult. , 


If after doing everything still you are unable to get adsense approval just join our whatsapp group, there i have my personal number, just message me directly, Our team will help out you, That’s awesome, Click Here to join our whatsapp group,


If you haveany question regarding today article How To Get AdSense Approval In First Apply 2020 then comment we will get back to you, 


Yes If you know something more than this of today’s article How To Get AdSense Approval In First Apply 2020 then also notify us, we will give you a credit too. 


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