How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020

How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020

How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020,

Hello Guys !

This is sovan, Today i will share with you a complete guide about How To Start A Blog  ?

From Creation To SEO To Money Earning Tips Topic Each & Everything i will try to cover in this article,


GUYS this article will be very long but trust,


after reading it you will no need to read other blog about How To Start A Blog because i have covered everything about How To Start A Blog In 2020,


How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020 ?

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Friends, A blog need to create by passion not for money, money it will comes to you, Note : to complete this article you need to spend around 30 minutes,It has 4163 words, so kindly bookmark us and read later if you are unable to read it now.


Without wasting your time lets start it :


In some few steps i will tell you the full steps How To Start A Blog and yes of-course will tell you a Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020 ?


How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020 ?



Guys starting a blog is not the solution for a newbie, But do you know within 100 bloggers 90 bloggers left because of 0 (Zero) earning and they start private job,



So before start it you need to know everything about that which issue you will face when you start your blogging carrier,

Trust if you read this post you will never be de-motivated and keep working. In 12 Steps we will learn it today,



As i said everything i will cover each and everything about blogging which i have learned in my 4 years blogging learning and 1 year of blog writing, so keep calm and please read each lines, As How To Start A Blog Main Stanza Is From Column No 3, You should skip 1 and 2 and read from there.  :



# 1. Ask Yourself Why You Want To Start A Blog :


How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020
How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020


Me you infect almost all people come to this industry for earning and make living,


For Learning :


I have seen many blog that they start with that topic that they are not well, even in many people start blogging after watching you tube videos, That’s not a idea its a foolish idea i have ever seen,


For Earning :


Yes, its true No earning that mean no money for hosting / domain / marketing etc.

But listen > if you plant a tree today it will not give you fruit next day, so what to do is ?


you need to care for that, need to buy fertilizer for that, give water, make secure around it etc.

Just like this money is not mandatory, just like the fruit from tree where you have invested think just like this invest more and wait, keep calm man,


Trust money will come to you.


For Help Some-One :

How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020
How To Start A Blog



That is the solution for thinking of long time blogging as a business, look like Amit Mishra,

who have a excellent blog / youtube channel for learning blogging and digital marketing which called tryootech,


he just keep patience and works continued and see him like what he is today,


there is a more one blogger / you tuber called techno vedant he is also a great you tuber. for learn from mainly videos he is the best example, and there is no doubt,


you need to be just like them, so keep one thing in your brilliant mind think that you are not going to earn just to teach and learn,


To Be Rich :


Rich HA HA HA !

just not rich you can earn more than it, but sadly that’s false said by bloggers an out of 90 from 100,


bloggers who are in this filed from last 10 years earn such amount but for newbie that’s may be not possible if your niche is not unique & targeted audience are not genuine,


# 2. Can You Work For A Long Term :


Business can run for long time or short time if its demand is on high, then if its demand get down you me & no body even a great SEO experts can’t do anything about that, But yes in demand you should get its benefit from that,


Trust With It You Can Make Living : bloggers who have patience like Harsh Agarwal , Anil Agarwal, As said amit mishra also live with this world, so why you can’t do,


Keep Patience :


Hah, Patience i have one contacted bloggers name Vijay Owner of when ever he contact me he have just one demotivated mind no traffic, no earning as i say him always, brother  keep patience,


in blogging / digital marketing its take time that don’t have fix timing it can take 1-2-3-4-5 year or more,

and if then also if you can’t rank, then its your blogging audience or niche is wrong,


Can You Invest ?

How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020
How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020


in search engine daily lakhs infect crore searched done for free domain, free hosting, free free free,

NO ! that’s not recommend for a pro blogger, DO SOME INVESTMENT PLEASE !


No i will not invest just will create a blog today will earn from it tomorrow,

Brother this is Digital world not a milk shop, that shop opened today and sell start from tomorrow,


Today article you are reading : How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020


Can You Work Daily Basic ?


trust i work in private company still after that from last 6 months i won’t take holiday, even not stopped writing in blogs as i have 4 blogs,

daily i write one content in each blogs, And never told to myself OH NO TODAY ! i will not write today,


within just 4 months of quality content i am able to achieve below alexa rank look below :


How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020
How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020


# 3. Need To Find Out Your Best Knowledge Topic :


Here also giving you a example i have a friend also he is not a blogger he is you tuber,


he start his channel with digital tech. But he works with fisheries (Fish Harvesting), and till after 6 month he get only 100 subscriber, and after my small suggestion he start that channel about fish harvesting same month now he got lakh of subscriber why ? because he is best in his field,


How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020
How To Start A Blog


“Every One Is King In There Industry – Sovan Das”


> Yes i tell everybody that speech,


Find Your Passion :


I like to see dance food but love to eat food but not good to cook, then what ? i must be not go for dance not also for cooking, then what ?



How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020


Look ! you love to watch dances that’s your hobby, you love to eat food that’s your lifestyle and you cant cook that’s your BAD LUCK, i am kidding, well look if you love to travel then just start with a strong thinking a travel blog,




Best Topic For High Traffic :

There are thousands of topic for traffic  like food, travel, blogging etc, But as said High traffic not required a decent traffic with quality content and genuine visitor can give you lakhs on money,


How To Create A Blog / How To Make A Blog


Guys If You Have These Question In Mind Like how to start a blog ? where to start a blog ? how to do seo ? or what is seo etc  ? then its time to learn, To do so each and every blogger need a domain that details mentioned below,


# 4. Buy A Domain That Suits Your Site :


A domain name and a domain extension both are different, But the question is What is a domain ?


What is a domain ?


A domain name is a name that tell visitors or user what are the site about, where a domain like a domain name, Look MyDreamBlog Is a name and .in is TLD extension only,


if you want go for free domain which come with like or etc but its not preferable for a pro blogger,


Type Of Domain :


there are 100 of type domain in TLD extensions, lile .com / .in/ .org / .us / .pk / .bd etc


how to know if a site is from where is it belongs to ?


its easy to find out like .com that is universal so we can consider it as a common, then comes .in like where .in TLD extension indicate its from india that mean .in and for example a site is then the site / blog will be from USA,


as per people choose there should have different extension from different country,


Best Domain For You :


A domain tell your site details like our blog tell that its about a blogging site, you should go for a domain that fits your niche mean topic like of you want to write about travel in name you could try to get that speech “TRAVEL”


Free Domains : Free domains are the worst choose ever i have seen, as in 2014 my blog failure reason was that free domain,


is free domain good for a blog ?




as said in 2013 i get a free domain but after rank the registrar sold that domain in 2014, i was broke and stopped writing till 2019 and finally start it after august 2019, But if you have 0 money than go for .blogspot or site not preferred to use free .tk / .ml etc these are worst i have ever scene,


Yes you can use .tk / .ml free domain for learning for that these are OK.


How to choose a perfect domain name  :


As said before a site domain tell about your site details, if you are going to write about food blog then you need to try add food in the domain like “” or “” “” etc not like “” and you write food related topic in it,


there are tools that helps you to generate domain name for free you can check them from below,



With above these two sites you can get ideas of creating a domain name, But try to get it by self mind think cause it will helpful to continued your work, as it look more branded,


Today article you are reading : How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020


# 5. Choice A Good Platform :


A platform can help to boost your SEO ranking / more efficient look & yes of-cource its back end admin dashboard also matter for ON-page and off page seo,


for blogging there are many platform like / / / / joomla etc.


But as per my all tested sites and best is not and yes also,


lets discuss about why these are best ? before tell which platform is best blogger or wordpress we will know about some feature of these,


Blogger VS WordPress which is better ? :


# 1 – its free,

# 2 – can create a blog and add domain later,

# 3 – gives free subdomain like,

# 4 – backend admin dashboard is good,

# 5 – Thems are not costtly,

# 6 – Low Theme editor options

# 7 – Monitizations approval receive late,

# 8 – almost 0 SEO facilty, :


# 1 – Its not free except

# 2 – You can create it with free hosting but its a bad idea,

# 3 – Free su-domain etc function if you get that would come with your money,

# 4 – Backed prebuilt ok, can modify it with awesome styles,

# 5 – Themes Price is higher than blogger theme,

# 6 – Highly customiuzation options,

# 7 – Monitization quick approved,

# 8 – Many SEO system with plugins,



Now the questions comes which is better wordpress or blogger ?


In a short paragraph just go for for this you need to invest but trust that money will comes to you in return,


And yes if you are out of money than go for otherwise for learning is just ok,


# 6. Choice A Best Hosting Platform :


a hosting is a factor for increase site speed, and its also help to boost organic traffic, as google and any search engine prefferd such site which can able to deliver content within 3 seconds, well lets we will discuss about,


What Is Hosting ? How To Choice A Best Hosting Platform For WordPress ? well i am telling you.


How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020
How To Start A Blog

What Is Hosting ?


A hosting a data store which live 24 x 7 without interruptions just like our computers, That also called servers,


where a big data storage active with internet connection and live 24 x 7 always, there are different type of hosting like SSD host / LINUX host / Cloud Host / Windows hosting etc,


How To Choice A Best Hosting Platform For WordPress ?


As software you will need to install in your server, via Control panel,

People almost 99 percent of bloggers use affiliate for earning and tell you that this hosting is good and tell to buy that,


But no friend i will just tell you something without these affiliations signup where you can understand which host will better fit for you,


OK Yes you can donate me by scanning the qr code in sidebar. you see i won’t bore you by any affiliations links,




Speed :


A good of a website / blog boost the traffic and earning of a any sites, Before you buy any hosting from any company then you can ask them for sample site which they are hosting currently,

As i am using private server, So i was able to get example of site,


Tricks-You need to ask the hosting company with there chat systems, they can provide it mostly,


Uptime :


Up time is the time that a server wake up, That’s the simple, This is the time that total time a hosting server awake and serve the data to end users,


Space :


Initially you won’t need much space but as your site grows you must need to get space enough,


Support :


You me and eveyone almost love to get anything that provide after sale support, That’s does not matter what it is mobile / tv / fridge and yes its hosting also,

you will checkout of a hosting support o some hosting company, for this checkout reviews in google,


Installed C-Panel Software :


For install softwares like wordpress or anything its a tool that is very important as there are currently two popular panel / tool 1st CPANEL and 2nd PLESK but i would recommend to go for CPANEL, PLESK panel ok for newbie, but for long term recommend to use CPANEL instead of PLESK Panel,


Virus Scanner Tools :


This is the tool that protect a whole website include file manager, trust still now also i use some free software’s and test them in my host, sometime it causes  harm for my this super heavy blogs, as you may be know we have currently running more than 10 sites in same private servers,


SO be careful make sure you approach a hosting company that provide scanning system with hosting,


One Click Backups :


The only and best way to save a whole website / blog is backups, As trust me within 1 year of host i have to backup my whole sites more than 10 times that’s not a joke, that is the cause when you develop a site online you should face many issue,


i am telling you not for that reason also, Telling for your safety as if your site get hacked and you are unable to recover live data and then this backup fil will help to you,


SEO Free Tools :


Search engine optimization or SEO is the only way to go and boost your rank,

as i told already onpage seo off page seo etc, but there are also many inbuilt seo tool like attracta that comes with  prebuilt with cpanel you should get that feature and also there are many seo tools,


How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020
How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020

Future Plan Increase Costs :


there are many tricky hosting company even big host service provider that use tricky host service that will cost you more than you think initially,

like use for 3 year cost 699/- per month and use for 1 year it is 999/- per year, that such a stupid systems i have found,


you should find the real cost and go for that which wont cost you more,



Today article you are reading : How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020


# 7. Choice A Great Theme :

A theme speaks a lot,


What is themes ?


A theme that is outlook of a blog or website, when you visit a website there you should see a interface that is theme outlook which any visitor can see,


Which theme is better ?


Not matter what ever you use blogger or wordpress make sure you always use reposnive theme,

Search engines recommend and show results more than others which have reponsive design,


What is responsive design ?


A design of a theme that looks different and fit automatically in Desktop  / Tablet / Mobile what ever use use,


Price :


You me and mostly 99 percent of new blogger initially think about price while arrive in blogging carrier,

But there for blogger template / theme prices are lower than wordpress theme,


Free Or Paid Theme ?


There are 1000 of free theme available for or initially i recommend to use fre one when you have money to invest than go for paid one,


Supports :


Mostly paid themes comes with support systems and free are not. But don’t worry you can learn it from self,



# 8. Make It Faster Than Others :


A faster blog gets high traffic and yes its organic traffic , reason is its speedy, you can see google also open a web page within 3 seconds, So how to increase site speed ?



How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020
How To Start A Blog Complete Guide How To Start A Blog In 2020

Use CDN :


CDN or content delivery network,this is the one way that boost the site traffic, For CDN cloudflare is one of the best network, it has free and paid both option,


Use Light Weight Theme :


As said before a theme speaks a lot, you should use lightweight theme and ye responsive theme also, it boost your site speed TOO.


De-Activate / Delete Un Neccesary Files :


in host account what ever is it blogger or wordpress, just remove unnessary files / page / post / image that will boost your site speed,


Choice Great Hosting Provider :


A great hosting service and its support helps authors or web owners to alive there site,

so before you enter in this platform search about best hosting providers,


Buy Host Server From Your Targeted Country :


Mostly people even blogger who are best in this best never talk about that thing that if your targeted audience is from indian you should go for indian hosting, if targeted audience is from usa then go for usa hosting servers,

so keep this thing in mind,


De-Crease Ads :


Advertisement is the way that De-crease site speed truly, try to De-Crease ads and go for less ads in posts / pages,


# 9. Work Harder & Smarter :


If people ask for which one better smart work or hard work, then in digital world i would love to say go for both, as initially new blogger are not genius truly and so they need to work with both, things to know in this category,


Write Regularly :


Do you know how get its best position in search rank and alexa rank within just 6 months, yes that is continued writing, i have worked in my hindi blog daily, at least one article, you should work daily for at least deliver one article per day,


Make E-Mail Marketing :


yes that’s a strategy which can increase your traffic and try to make a automatic email marketing systems,

Promote It :


no money how to promote ?

dear for promote money won’t matter believe me to achieve its best rank i won’t invest even a single penny for promote,


there are thousand of websites and platforms like / / / youtube etc, just comment your site link, and yes don’t worry about do-follow backlink and no-follo backlink,


Be Active Over Social Media :


for a new site social media is the only way to increase traffic and popularity, use facebook / twitter etc for share your articles, and keep alive with these accounts,

Dont’t Feel Its Not Growing : there are lakh of blogger who leave these platform

Connect With Others,


# 10. Do A Better SEO :


SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION or in short form SEO, the key two get organic traffic,

On-Page and Off-Page SEO : For rank a website post / page the Technics we use called on-page SEO and the outbound link like other website link we use internal link use that is off-page SEO Technics,


Backlinks :


A back link is one factor of SEO that not help only boost a site traffic also. initially don’t  are about do follow backlink or no follow backlink just start creating it with comment in other sites,

if you have mney to invest share guest post in high DA websites,


Writing SKills :


your beautiful writing can won heart of visitor, try writing content beautifully,


Check Your Competitors Site :


always to beat others in similar category its really important to check competitors websites, there are many tools that say you about ho a site get traffic include there back link / on page seo / do follow link etc.



# 11. Write Beautifully :


To won visitor heart the techniques of first impression is site look and second is content writing style, try to use colors bold style etc to deliver texts beautifully,


Use Plugins :


in there are no extra way to write content beautifully, But yes in wordpress there is a way for that, with many plugin you can do that,


Learn From Others :


Learn from others blogs article how they write article beautifully, check there site structure go to post > Right click > view page source,

you will find there heading sections that can help to beat them,


# 12. Lets Monetize It / Earn From It :


The final and last point is what each new blogger think how to earn money from blog ?

and the way is monitization which is does not matter only ads, there are more ways which i have covered you should read,



initially a blogger follow this strategy to monitize a blog they use google adsense advertisement, you should use adsense initially, but fo high earning you need to follow below strategy TOO.


Affiliations :


with affiliations people earn high, then adsense advertisement, like selling other goods like physical or digital,

mostly popular affiliate are amazon affiliate and hosting affiliates etc.


Space Renting Advertise :


In your web page there should have space that you can give for rent, for this i love to use platform.


Promotions :


with third party product promotion you can earn from your blog too.


Guest Posts :


guest post enable and earning from it the one of best popular strategy for bloggers, for this you can approach advertisers, can use platform where you can get advertisers too,


Note : to get advertisers there are only way to work continuously and rank your blog highers, make sure to use business email in footer that will help you to get business advertisers,



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