How To Start Blogging In 2020

How To Start Blogging In 2020

Hi freinds,

we have already informed you before what is blog ?



nowdays blogging is very popular people love to read content in various types,

some time they also think if they have some sites which he have just read they can share there thought,


but sometime they cant understand how to start it,

and they just dont try, in this case we will share details today How To Start Blogging In 2020 ?


How To Start Blogging In 2020


#1 : Choice A Very Good Blogging Platform :


A blogging platform which mean a platform where we can write a article with the help of admin dashboard,

currently there are two popular platform for blogging 1st one is and second one is wordpress,


in these both wordpress are very popular for blogging, in wordpress there are two category 1st one is and 2nd one is,

we advice to use wordpress org platform cause its very good to use easy for understanding very good also for SEO, is popular but i wont recommend to use. cause this platoform is old one,

but if your budget is low cant afford the charges of hosting then go for it,


#2 : Buy A TOP Level domain :


A top level domain is a own identity of any sites not matter is it blog or website,

people love to read article use site which have TOP LEVEL domain,


what is TLD ?

a domain like .com / .org / .in / .us etc there are different type of TLD.

we will know about it in future,  we suggest newbie to use top level domain only dont go for free domain ever,

“How To Start Blogging In 2020”

#3 : Choose A Preferred hosting company :


hosting is very important for a site, give it for free but a paid host is best than this,

cause you have the full control over your site,


you should install wordpress script in paid  host an use it,

initially buy shared host, when you receive high traffic use vps or dedicated server etc,


#4 : Design It By Self Or By developer :


A site design now days really matter, we noways sometime find site thats looks just awesome,

i am not talking about old bloggers like labnol, i am talking about new sites,


you need to design your site perfectly by self or by a developer, but i recommend to design it by self,


#5 : Ask Yourself Why You want To Start Blogging :


Ask yourself why you want to start blogging ? if your answer is to earn, then i wont suggest to start it,

blogging is a long term business, ever business not get success with in 1-2 year,


sometime it take more than 5 year to be success,

if you still cant understand then stay with us, read our article daily and hopefully we can teach you everything related blogging,

“How To Start Blogging In 2020”

#6 : Choose The Topic What You Love To write :


choose the topic that you would love to write, dont go for the topic which have high search,

just start it what you know like travel / tech etc, we have write artcle of this in hindi,



#7 :Lets Design Site Responsibly :


Everyone love to read anything smoothly, ads which are really irritating,

you obviously need to design your site with responsive design,


if you use wordpress then recommend to use AMP, if use blogger then use a amp active theme only,


#1 : You should have blog / website doesn’t matter its what but its look in mobile / desktop / tablet looks different,

#2 : Looks should have different in any other devices include homepage.


if you don’t know is your theme responsive or not :


its a google tool to check if a site theme responsive or not, you cant check it and change your theme accordingly,


#8 : Purchase A Book Regarding Blogging :


Do some investigation and then buy a book which have a knowledge for blogging,

in a book you can get some good ideas, you also can read blogs which have article regarding blogging,


for this use neil patel blog, mr. agarwal’s labnol blog, amit mishra’s tryootech blog etc.

“How To Start Blogging In 2020”

#9 : Change Your Writing Thoughts :


change your writing skills , write article beautifully, write with H1 / H2 heading etc correctly,

it help to grow your blog, do texts with some color,


#10 : Learn SEO :


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) this is the way to grow any blog / website its does not matter what is it ?

we should not over optimize any site at any cost, if you do so. your site can get penalty and your site will get banned from google,


#11 : Think Differently :


Think everything differently, hence people love to read something that’s are different from others,

if you have something special which you think you can share that’s no one ever shared, just start with that topic,

“How To Start Blogging In 2020”

#12 : Share it :


Till 2014 i never get success in blogging just for this one mistakes

, even i was only think organic traffic is the only source to rank, but after failure i realize it,

even you doing the same mistake no sharing posts, then just start it as early as you can,


“How To Start Blogging In 2020”


#13 : Make guest Post Systems :


A guest post function can save you time,  can alive your blog continued, how ?

when you are unavailable to write article, then other user who have joint your blog they write in your site, with this help, your site DA and PA also get increased,


so dont forget to make a function of guest post, we will also publish article about that topic in our web development series,


#14 : Learn Picture Editing :


A picture speaks a lot, its a speech i don’t know who said that, But its really trues, How ?

look when we shop online we see first image than others everything,

So first learn picture editing than upload it accordingly, cause with picture you can attract users, Got It ?

“How To Start Blogging In 2020”

#15 : Don’t stop :


Once you stopped trust again to start that’s be ok, But believe not to stop,

even once you stop again start will be hard enough just like me, so blog to be do continuously, its a long term business, so be keep patience, and just don’t stop ever,


#16 : Write For Learning :


Write for learning and for teach people, if you want to teach people intially hope you will get success of cource, else content recreation idea not good,

you can check our seo tool for free to check copy of content,


visit :


#17 : Must Have About Page :


A about us page of sites speaks a lot, even if someone read a great content in a blog / website they probably love to know details of a site which he / she just read,

so dont forget to added a about us page must be,


“How To Start Blogging In 2020”

#18 : Use Google Analytics Tolls :


track visitor to get success, use google analytics tools, even we also use this,

soon we will share a details article related blogging, so keep in touch,


# 19 : Contact With Other Bloggers :


Lets contact with other bloggers ask for free guest posts,

But fro first 2 years just write continue without contact any bloggers, Got It ! after that contact them and ask to read your content ask is it ok ?

or what should be changed in article ? how to make it much better ETC,



#20 : Use Keyword Searching Tools :


keyword searching tools can help to grow in short time, but don’t target high valued keyword, initially target low search and competition keyword only,


google keyword planner is free tool initially using it will great idea,


If you have any question regarding today’s topic How To Start Blogging In 2020 ? then comment we will get back to you ,

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