what is a blog ?

what is a blog ?

what is a blog ?


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today we will discuss about What Is A Blog ?

If you are newbie in blogging industry you probably once searched about that,


still if you dont know what is a blog ?

then this is the right place to get the right idea of it,

In simple way we can describe it as a blog

which is a platform where people / person write about something and share there thoughts,


Can’t get it ? Still Confused ?


Don’t Worry we will briefly give you more details about that in this article.

So Lets start it :


what is a blog ?


As informed a blog is the platform where someone write

about about something, like travel / gadget etc.

as this is a blog: https://english.mydreamblog.in/ This One Also : https://mydreamblog.in/,

But Google.com is not a blog, its just a website / Search engine,


a website may have inbuilt blog feature / a blog may have inbuilt website feature,

they both could have inbuilt both feature but a blog cant be a website

& a website cant be a blog, Got it !


well hope you have got that, lets discuss about much more than this,

we will discuss about this topic today and will give you ideas how to start a blog ?


Blogs vs Websites – What is the difference?


Look we have our main domain https://mydreamblog.in  where

we write article about blogging and we have inbuilt another subdomain site which is


https://ask.mydreamblog.in which have a

very amazing feature of Q&A thats a question & answer portal,

where anyone can ask question & get answer of the question,


 if you have any question just ask it there & get your answer

as quick as food delivery by users & our team, that is a website not a blog Ok. 


Blog posts Vs Pages – What is the difference?


A blog have posts & pages both like for a good look & complete website / blog both are important,

in this blog this article is a post : https://english.mydreamblog.in/what-is-a-blog 


but in thi blog here is a page : https://english.mydreamblog.in/guest-posts/

means its not a teaching article its should look something that are

for identity a site differently,

a privacy policy / Terms & Conditions are also a page in a blog,


How Do Bloggers Make Money From Their Blogs?


Earning ! is just a one step away from you,

cant understand if you start blogging you also can earn,


ways blogger earn mostly is via ads and outsource its call ADSENSE

after ADSENSE there are many ads provider who support bloggers

by provide advertisement and pay to bloggers,


after ads there are paid promotions & affiliations

which are top earning sources  for blogger than ADSENSE ads,


its just our start keep eyes in our  to get more cool staff of blogging,

Thanks For Reading , if you have any question regarding What Is A Blog ?

kinldy comment we will get back to you ,


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