What Is Spam Score ? How To Reduce Spam Score ?

What Is Spam Score ? How To Reduce Spam Score ?

What Is Spam Score ? How To Reduce Spam Score ?

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today we will discuss about:

# What Is Spam Score ?

# How To Reduce Spam Score ?

# Why Spam Score Increase In Website ?

# How To Check A Website / Blog Spam Score ?

# Why spam reducing is important ? everything related spam of a site,

What Is Spam Score ? How To Reduce Spam Score ?

Well without wasting yours timing lets start it, we will firstly learn what is spam score ?


¤ What Is Spam Score ?


Spam which is developed by MOZ not by google, its show you how much spammy is your site,

with this you can get information is some site safe or not,

now discuss about Why spam reducing is important ?


¤ Why spam reducing is important ?


MOZ indicate spam score between 1-100, much spam low visibility in search engines,


Now why you need to reduce spam score ?


Look you me anyone who are in blogging industry even between 80 out of 100 depend on adsense instead of affiliate marketing,


as i say if your site won’t getting visibility then there low traffic infect if traffic is less affiliate website earning also will be in penny only,

so we need to resolve this issue, now how to check site spam score ?


¤ how to check site spam score ?


there are many tools of-course free, but i recommend to use chrome extension MOZBAR which is free,


Reason: when you visit any site it will indicate its SPAM / DA / PA also, cause other website which provide these online they have captcha systems even you need to copy and paste one by one url that’s much headache GOT IT !


¤ How To Install Mozbar ?


after install mozbar it will look like below image,


how to install mozbar
HOW-TO-install mozbar


installing mozbar is very easy just go to this url: https://moz.com/products/pro/seo-toolbar

not only this you can check it online through below websites also:



Hope i have teach you how to check spam of any site or blog, Lets discuss about why spam increase in a website / blog ?


¤ Why Spam Score Increase In A Blog / Website ?


Guys ! while we start our blogging journey there are many people in this industry they will teach some good some are worst,


well i am not telling that anyone’s advice are bad but trust from my last few year knowledge telling there are 60 out of 100 worst people are around you who will teach the bad one than good one,


lets check why spam increase in a site, are you doing these mistakes than solve it as  early as possible, else you will need to read this article again :


#1 : Creating back links from websites / blog which spam scores already high,


#2 : Submitting blogs or website  posts page in anonymous sites are really dangerous where no registration systems are enables,


#3 : No re-captcha in your site where you have enables registration systems,


#4 : No Security in password reset systems,


#5 : No Perfection in account security systems, like anonymous people comes register and then gone,


#6 : Your posts alt attribute,meta descriptions, meta keywords are really very important spammy links enforce to increase spam score, bear in mind a SEO friendly meta descriptions. keywords are really important,


Note : always posts ping also are cause for increase spam score,

now we will teach you how to reduce spam score ?


¤ how to reduce spam score ?


the easiest way to find out the spam is disavow links from search engine, to do that you will need must me same email id with which you have submitted your blog  / website, GOT IT !


then visit this links : https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main


this will redirect you to main website of search console where you can see your search console site, just click on disavow links from where you want to remove the spam links,


there will be drop-down menu, if you have multi site, choose the perfect site only where you need to remove the spam site links,


it will look like below,



here you will file a file, just download it and update the spam one and re-upload it,


then you are done, its very easy,


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