what is web hosting ? Types Of Hosting Full Guide For 2020

what is web hosting ? Types Of Hosting Full Guide For 2020

what is web hosting ? Types Of Hosting Full Guide,

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Initially if i tell you about what is web hosting ? then the answer shortly will be a its one kind of a services that available in free or paid where we can store a website, We are going to be discuss briefly about what is web hosting ?


Today in this topic what is web hosting ? i will cover each and everything about a website hosting then you wont ever need to read another article to store your website, based on different website we need different web host,


So today i will tell you all the topic related what is web hosting ? and you can learn what kind of website you want to make and what kind of web host you will need to use,


In today’s article what is web hosting ? Types Of Hosting Full Guide if you have any question contact us, Very soon i will provide best web hosting service for your blog / website.


what is web hosting ? Types Of Hosting Full Guide


first briefly i will tell you what is web hosting ? Different Types Of Hosting ? How a hosting system works ? Is free hosting good for a site ? everything,


what is web hosting ?


https://english.mydreamblog.in/ This is a blog, Whatsappstatusworld.in This is a website,

like we store our this blog https://english.mydreamblog.in/ in a system that is called host, As it made with wordpress so we have hosted it in a wordpress host,


Now the second site is Whatsappstatusworld.in that is a whatsappstatus downloading website, i am not aware about that who is the owner of the site, But yes ofcource he / she have hosted / stored it in a AVS hosting(Audio Video Hosting),


The owner of any domain like us english.mydreamblog.in or Whatsappstatusworld.in, 

We both needed to host our this site as it is a domain only, where we connect the domain with the hosting / storage site,  Hope Its get cleared, this is our just a common knowledge in what is web hosting ?


There are different type of host available in the world, different type of server region available too, People can get there chosen one, there also free hosting available, We will also tell you how a hosting system works.


Types Of Hosting


Mostly people initially think that hosting what is this ? then they could understand it as said hope you understand too.


Then the question is how much type of hosting is there ? Then i can tell you there are mainly 9-10 types of hosting,


Different Types of Web Hosting Services


#1 – Shared Hosting.

#2 – WordPress Hosting / Joomla Hosting Etc.

#3  – VPS Hosting.

#4 – Dedicated Hosting.

#5 – Cloud Hosting.

#6 – Re-seller Hosting.

#7 – E-mail Hosting.

#8 – Colocation Hosting.

#9 – Self -Servers Hosting.

#10 – AVS Hosting.


#1 – Shared Hosting :


Shared Hosting is a storage host where many website / blogs are hosted / stored.

for better understanding i am briefing telling you,

If you have a computer than there in your D / C Drive you have 1/2/3 or more folder just like domain in a single drive,


where people visit a website they can access only the specified folder which he owned just like same ip (internet protocol) hosting seller use a big hosting server and sell hosting to many people.

there are 2-3 type of shared hosting. Different type of shared hosting.


Different types of shared hosting


There are mainly 3 types of shared hosting,


#1 – Linux Shared Hosting : in this type of hosting we can host any kind of website like html / php / java script even if a site made with bootstrap. even we can host a wordpress that made with PHP. its not so fast but for a website with 10k traffic can handly easily.its not so fast like SSD host.


#2 – SSD Shared Hosting : In tis host we can feel more speed better than Linux Hosting, As Its made based on flash memory so give better performance as same linux host we ca host any kind of hosting.


#3 – Widnows Shared Hosting :hope if you have a windows computer / laptop as say before its just like Drive C/ D where osting seller use windows server to give hosting to people. But not recommend it for blogger and high traffic website.


#2 – WordPress Hosting / Joomla / Woocommerce Hosting etc


Like our blog have a more than there language and many subdomains eCommerce site etc so to boost up site we needed to use wordpress hosting,


What is difference in wordpress / joomla / woocommerce etc host ?


Its same like shared host but its servers are maintain with best engineers (depend on hosting seller), We need to get that kind of hosting for better performance of our blog / website as these site consume more server resources. if you go with normal linux / ssd / windows host for hosting wordpress etc.than there is a chance for site slowing.


In our list of what is web hosting ? Types Of Hosting number 3 is VPS Hosting Servers


#3 – VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Servers)


VPS as short in full form VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVERS.

As said before about shared hosting where a server get shared with many person to host there website, But if we technically make difference it then we can figure out that it actually like shared hosting and dedicated hosting also,


well lets discuss briefly, For example if you have a android phone with android version 7.1 or you have a computer if it has win 10 then we also can run android version 7.0 in smart phone or run same like in windows windows 8, that is virtualization, Normally a VPS server runs with VMware or Virtual Box.


If we combine other hosting then for a high traffic website not exceeded than 20k-30k daily traffic can handle a VPS server,


Benefits for VPS servers,


In my case which i have faced before i had hosted this blog in a shared hosting before, then i have more than 8 sites with same sub domain,


that’s was cause my server respond very less. trust some time it stopped for 4-5 hour a day, then i have to contact my hosting company then they restart servers and after that it works,


This is the real shocking that if in a shared host account have many cpanel host account, then if server restart every site gets down, every time i have to contact the hosting company then they helped.


if you are using VPS then here will be 0 downtime mostly as you have own opportunity to restart your own server without any error for others, traffic can handle easily, you can customize your own server. no one can see others any website host with your servers. GOT IT !



My Dear Friend I know today this article what is web hosting ? Types Of Hosting Full Guide going to be so long. But kindly read it carefully to help your self for future purposes.


In our list of what is web hosting ? Types Of Hosting number 4 is Dedicated Hosting Servers

#4 – Dedicated Hosting Servers


What Is Dedicated Hosting ?


Here Is another hosting that is dedicated servers. As said shared host and VPS host sometime use same ip but in dedicated server no one will use your ip and only your website / blog will be hosted. 


This id ideal for web site or blog owner who have a website / blog and receive a large number of web traffic. As there are many site that has millions traffic with many administrator and huge readers / visitor then the web owner website start to be lag as if they bought shared host / vps then heavy traffic slow down sites like turtles. 


In dedicated host you get full access of your site without interruption, you can customize / modify it too according to your need. 


then the question is is it good idea to buy dedicated server. here is my opinion like if your earning is huge as you have large number of traffic then its ok to buy it. keep remember that you need strong knowledge of server system without knowledge you cant handle dedicated servers. so if you are thinking to buy dedicated server go with managed dedicated servers not with UN-Managed Dedicated servers. 


A dedicated servers costs much. so initially no need to purchase dedicated servers.In this topic about servers for initial stage how to start a blog which host etc you need to buy. click and read it by here.


In our list of what is web hosting ? Types Of Hosting number 5 is Cloud Hosting.


#5 – Cloud Hosting


I have seen people in blogging and web industry think cloud hosting mean that a hosting that servers are in cloud.

NO way its not true. Than whats the actual meaning of cloud hosting ?


What Is Cloud Hosting ?


If You know about cloud flare if not and know hindi and than click here and read this article. where i have told you that what is cloud flare and how it works in briefly.


Like we have bough a hosting servers from india and our visitor visited our website from USA / France etc than the website / blog loading time will be very much. with advanced CDN (Content Delivery Network System) your website will load faster than normal.


Just like this Cloud hosting work in similar way. If you buy cloud host than your website / blog use differently web servers if one servers fail than there another server will works. that mean there will be 0 (Zero Down Time) In your site.


what is web hosting ? Types Of Hosting Full Guide For 2020



In our list of what is web hosting ? Types Of Hosting number 6 is very common one 



#6 – Reseller Hosting


Today’s market there are huge re seller of hosting, this is now days become a one kind of business. that growing each year by 20% hope within 2-3 years there will be more Re-seller hostings. If you are thinking about a small business start up within 100USD than its suitable for you.


What Is Re-seller Hosting ?


A hosting that can be resell to others.


How Re-seller Hosting Works?


A hosting server is very huge than A re seller get a small hosting package like storage / RAM / bandwidth etc. than they modify it and resell them. I will share it more briefly about how a hosting system works in last.


In our list of what is web hosting ? Types Of Hosting number 7 is E-mail Hosting


#7 – E-mail Hosting


Like we have two email id’s info@mydreamblog.in & complaint@mydreamblog.in where we need to host it that mean to work it with computer or google gmail browser we have to store its data. where we receive email and store it. 


Than we needed to buy a email hosting and use our email. sometimes website hosting seller give free email hosting with it. 


Do You Have Any Question for what is web hosting ? just comment here


#8 – Colocation Web Hosting


I have told you about VPS / Shared / dedicated servers where you get sometime full access of software but not the hardware one. But here with CO location hosting you get all access fully that’s are costly most. 


sometime we get all systems and cant store them in our own space than we have to find a host company who provide such facility. 


for a colocation hosting we need storage / power 24*7 / security that boost speed websites and without interruption we get best supercharges website loading. 


In this host there no need to visit the data center where we host our servers we can remotely access and ye you can ask host servers hosting provider to give additional system to access more features, they handle all your hardware and give you best services. 


In our list of what is web hosting ? Type Of Hosting Service number 9 is Self Servers Hosting


#9 – Self Servers Hosting


what is Self servers hosting ?


a hosting that we host from our home which need knowledge for network / servers to get a server we buy a server install linux / windows software and handle our website that deliver high performance for website. 


You need to get 24*7 backup of power,  linux / ubuntu / windows software licence to get IP and connect domain with it. 

its costly heavy for first time. 


In our list of what is web hosting ? Types Of Hosting number 10 is very uncommon 


#10 – AVS Hosting


What is AVS Hosting ?


a hosting that allow users to host there audio / video in a servers. a AVS host made with best CPU / RAM etc  that perform best for better user experience. 


there are many type of AVS host some time it comes with FFMPEG hosting sometime its allow only to host mp3 / video, sometime it allow to host 18+ content.


but every AVS host wont provide that. You can contact us for such hosting. we will provide you awesome AVS hosting without any term contact us : complaint@mydreamblog.in


what is web hosting ? Types Of Hosting Full Guide For 2020

How A Hosting System Works ?


we buy a hosting of shared / vps / dedicated / avs we get linux / ssd if we get cpanel / plesk panel wth it for free or paid it will work same way. we need to buy domain and connect our hosting nameserevrs with domain registrar. than a website / blog will start to work. 


In our list of what is web hosting ? The mostly important topic 


Is Free Hosting Good For Website


people not only search in google of what is web hosting ?, they also search for free hosting. but i won’t recommend to use free hosting.

If in today’s article what is web hosting ? you have any question or query just ask us in below comment, or contact us with your query with subject mentioning : “what is web hosting help” to us : complaint@mydreamblog.in.


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