wordpress vs blogger which one should i use in 2020?

wordpress vs blogger which one should i use in 2020?

wordpress vs blogger which one should i use in Hindi ?



Hello Guys !

Its may be possible you are currently blogging with blogger host else thinking to start blogging with blogger, 

wordpress vs blogger which one should i use ?
wordpress vs blogger which one should i use ?

you may be thinking also which will better for blogging blogger or wordpress ?


Today we will discuss about these two question, and will tell you which one you should use,

i have already shared before why i have failed in 2014, 



you will get answer about blogger vs wordpress in the last of this article,

But before i share it we will see what are benefit of wordpress vs blogger :


wordpress vs blogger which one should i use in 2020?


#1 : ¤ Monitizations >


Guys ! max of blogger comes to this field for earning so that they don’t have there own boss.

But its no so easy as you thing, But yes its not so difficult too as you are thinking about. 


# ¤ WordPress Blog Monitizations :


Set up of a wordpress blog / website is not as easy as you thinking, But learn once its very easy, 

in wordpress site getting adsense approval easy. 


# ¤ Blogger Blog Monitizations :


SET up of ADSENSE account in blogger site are very easy but getting its approval are not so easy,

IN wordpress CPC are higher than Blogger site, there is nothing wrong to get low cpc in blogger as you will use it for hosting free, 


wordpress vs blogger which one should i use ?


#2 : ¤ SEO >


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a system that helps to gain traffic or revenue for any blogs or website, 

Due to bad SEO good contents not getting ranked, 

for this reason i will share which  is better for seo blogger or wordpress, 


# ¤ WordPress SEO :


For good SEO wordpress is the best platform for blogger and website owners, 

That is why for wordpress there are many plugins that help to rank fast in google search engine, 


# ¤ Blog SEO :


GUYS, this is a google product after that its posts wot get faster ranking due to not inbuilt SEO facility like on / off page SEO, 


#3 : ¤ User Experience >


In a shop like there is a seller and buyer, Just like this you are seller and visitor are customer, 

in a shop like a customer first see product check it then buy it, just like same visitor of blog comes see your site structure then visit to another article, 


# ¤ WordPress Visitor Experience :


In wordpress we can customize much better way then blogger, for which user face experience very good, 


# ¤ Blogger Visitor Experience :


in competition with wordpress blogger is few steps back for user experience, 


#4 : ¤ Support >


Look you have bought a smartphone its got damaged, you will either repair it or else sell it cause you won’t getting support if its under warranty, 


Let see :


# ¤ WordPress Support :


Trust in wordpress max free themes and plugins give support to users, 


# ¤ Blogger Support :


No Support, even its a google platform after that also there no support will give to you, 

yes if you buy a paid theme then its may be possible you get few support for customization, 

but its happen only sometimes, 


#5 : ¤ Customization >


Its really matter of a site design, may be you know there is a speech “That is visible, This Will Sold”


# ¤ WordPress Customization :


Really with the help of  It Have with thousand of theme plugins help to design wordpress site complete different, 


# ¤ Blogger Customization :


Its theme are can we get for free but its paid theme are free but there very less customization options available, 


#6 : ¤ Speed >


If you want to rank your website higher with alexa ranking, then yes you need to boost your site speed,



Lets  discuss about it,


# ¤ WordPress Blog Speed :


Guys ! you can get many plugins and options to boost your wp site speed, with CDN (Content Delivery Network) its more easy to do, 


# ¤ Blogger Speed :


Actually GOOGLE is the owner of its domain and host, so everything takes cared by google, 

you can only minimize file with CDN network, 


#7 : ¤ For Long Terms >


Thinking if you want to start it in this field which will be better option ?


# ¤ WordPress Use :


In wp there always comes updates and yes its security increased day by day, 

sometime also new features get add, 


# ¤ Blogger Use :


mostly there are very few updates, so not recommend for long terms, 


#8 : ¤ Writing Tools >


Not only user interface, also admin interface important, in this case :


# ¤ WordPress Writing Tools :


wordpres back end which i told admin panel,  are mostly good you can modify it much better with plugins help.


# ¤ Blogger Writing Tools :


In the case of writing tools blogger interface is good, 


#9 : ¤ Storage >


site storage also very important, cause for images css files java script a space a very important. 


# ¤ WordPress Storage :


if you invest more you get more storage, but initial stage do not invest more money, 


# ¤ Blogger Storage :


in blogger free host there is a limitation of image storage, you will get only 1 gb storage for image and 15 gb drive space, 




Hope you have read full article and you get to know which platform is good, 

if still you are unable to understand which one platform better than , i recommend to use in initial stage blogger when you gain traffic then you can move to wordpress. 


If you have any question regarding today’s topic wordpress vs blogger which one should i use ? kindly comment below, 


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